Welcome To Our Journey

We are botanical artisans, mindfulness teachers, and van-life travelers Kate Forest and Missy Doe, and we are grounded in the principles of love, inclusivity, equality, empowerment, and compassion to all beings.

Forest Doe Botanicals is a women-owned company with a deep commitment to helping others care kindly for themselves, each other, and our planet.

We've always been mindful of the products we use on our bodies, but when I (Kate) was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2015, we began using only organic vegan/plant-based body-care as a way to contribute to my healing process and longevity.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and whatever we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bodies. We decided right then that organic and plant-based was the way for us to go.

In the summer of 2021 during a cross-country road trip in our self-converted van Towanda Ruth, we befriended Em, a Master Soap Maker at a farmers market in Bellingham Washington.

I (Missy) have always wanted to make soap and when Kate bought me a soap making workshop with Em for my 54th birthday, we fell in love with the creation process. We began posting our journey on social media and our community members wanted to purchase our products and suddenly (and gratefully) Forest Doe Botanicals was born.

Forest Doe Botanicals is a new, ever evolving, adventure where we get to create what we love, connect with beautiful humans, share the importance of planet-care through natural body-care, continuously learn, and have a genuinely good time growing through the challenges and joys of sharing our work in the world.

We feel it’s essential to support kind-hearted companies doing good work. To this end, we have created The Forest Doe Botanicals Giving Program and donate a portion of each purchase to organizations we believe deeply in, including:

The Nature Conservancy who leads a major forest restoration program to slow the connected crises of climate change and biodiversity loss; Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue – Animal Defenders for Life; The Trevor Project whose mission is to create a welcome and loving world for our LGBTQIA+ youth and community members; and The Malala Fund whose mission is to work for a world where every girl can learn and lead.

We are honored to share our quality creations with you. Thank you for joining our journey of creation, care, and connection and helping us to support the ripple effects of love and kindness in our world.

And now, if you’d like, please give yourself permission to pause and join us in a long slow breath or two….

Care kindly for you today.

In gratitude and plant-love,

Kate Forest & Missy Doe of Forest Doe Botanicals

This is one of our favorite photos of us. It was taken on one of our cross-country adventures in our self-converted-van/tiny-home-on-wheels Towanda Ruth. We spent every weekend for a full year turning this 2016 Ford Transit 15 passenger van into our home-away-from-home. So much work and soooo worth it! Our longest journey in her so far has been 61 days visiting friends, frequenting farmers markets, and making new connections with beautiful humans all over the U.S. and Canada!